Our pricing is simple, straightforward and designed to scale as your needs change over time.

3D Laser Scanning
£550 per day

Structured Light Scanning
£550 per day

£450 per day


Once we have the raw data there are many different ways that we can process the data for you.

2D Plans

Plans, elevations, sections, floorplans
Delivered as DWG, VWX, etc

1-2 days (approx)

Raw 3D Model

‘White box’ or ‘greyshade’ 3D model.
Delivered as DWG, VWX, RVT, C4D, FBX, etc

3-6 days (approx)

Coloured 3D Model

Textures and materials are included in the 3D model.
Delivered as RVT, C4D, FBX, etc

4-8 days (approx)

Photorealistic 3D Model

Baked materials, textures, lighting and optimised topology.
Delivered as OBJ c/w texture maps

6-12 days (approx)

Virtual Reality Model

We are agnostic but mainly use Unreal and Unity.
Delivery format to be discussed.

10-20 days (approx)