Q?Are there any preliminary requirements before engaging with Beings?

Yes. In order to access our IPv4 address space you need to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  1. Your organization must be incorporated under the laws of United States.
  2. Your organization must hold a Federal Tax ID.
  3. Your organization must have a valid business address.
  4. Your organization must comply with SPAM-CAN act.
  5. Your organization requires a minimum allocation of /21 or eight (8) Class C’s

If your organization doesn’t meet one or two of the requirements above, please contact us at mail@beings.com for more information. Our representatives will review your organization’s application and in exceptional circumstances, we may approve your request.


Q?Will I have to sign a mutual NDA?

Yes. To protect all the parties involved, we require all the lessees to execute our mutual NDA. We will conduct due-diligence on every application to make sure that none of our clients is a spammer or has been blacklisted.


Q?Do you work with independent brokers?

Although we do engage with independent brokers who are commissioned to source IPv4 address space for their customers, our master service agreement (MSA) is only executed with the end-user and not with the broker.

Q?Do you have any spamming policy?

Beings is renowned for its uncompromised, zero-tolerance approach to spamming. Our team keeps monitoring our clients’ IP space for the entire agreement term, ensuring that IPs are used in a manner consistent with the signed agreement.

Q?At which Regional Internet Registry (RIR) are your IPv4 blocks managed?

Our IPv4 addresses are managed at ARIN.

Q?What type of IPv4 address space do you offer?

Our inventory consists of legacy IPv4 address space only. A legacy IP address is an IP address that was issued by an Internet Registry prior to ARIN’s inception on Dec. 22, 1997.

Q?How can I benefit from legacy IPv4 address space?

The lessee of the IP blocks will benefit from the block’s legacy status, because it will be obtained from us without any assessment policies.

Q?If I have unused IPv4 address space, can you help me monetizing my space?

Yes, we can. Our highly skilled team of consultants has in-depth experience in helping organizations rationalize their current IPv4 allocations and monetize the additional space. We are well aware of the fact that when it comes to selling your space, each one of your clients has different needs.


To cope with these changing needs Beings has developed a special assortment of options, creating a user friendly and simple monetization process for your IP address space. From financial to technical topics, your Beings consultant will ensure that your transaction is not only easy but also profitable. For more information, contact a Beings consultant today.